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Mother practicing Hypnobirthing 101

Childbirth Education Classes

Mighty Mama Birth Services offers two birth classes with options to fit all families' unique needs. Hypnobabies is a completely comprehensive class that includes in depth preparation for natural comfort techniques using hypnosis. The Weekend Intensive Childbirth Class is for parents who are not interested in hypnosis for birth or who have a more restrictive schedule. It covers the most common childbirth education topics to give parents the tools and information they need to have an empowered birth experience. 

Hypnobabies Hypnosis Childbirth Classes

Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis is a complete, natural childbirth education program that also teaches self-hypnosis techniques to expectant mothers, and thoroughly prepares their birth partners to assist them during childbirth. During this six-week course, you will learn effective techniques to naturally reduce or eliminate any pregnancy discomforts, and to give birth comfortably while remaining awake and mobile, and in control using eyes-open childbirth hypnosis.


This class is for all families who are planning a vaginal birth, no matter if they are planning on having an epidural, natural birth, or are still undecided. However, I do highly recommend this class over the weekend intensive for students planning a home birth or birth at a stand-alone birthing center (PCC Birth Center and Bloomington Birth Center) where access to medical pain relief is limited. It is much more comprehensive and gives families a wider variety of tools.

Danielle offers group Hypnobabies classes, home study advantage services, and private class options. 

Classes are once a week for 6 weeks totaling 21 hours.

Start Dates: TBA



Group Class Cost: $350

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Weekend Intensive Childbirth Class

Mighty Mama Birth Services' Weekend Intensive Childbirth Class will prepare families with all the information they will need to make informed choices during their birth and give them hands-on practice of comfort techniques.  This class will include discussion on the stages of labor, comfort measures, interventions and medical options for pain relief, postpartum recovery, newborn care and the basics of breastfeeding.  Each parent will receive a course book and birth plan booklet with step-by-step process for deciding what your priorities are. This class does not cover hypnosis for birth, as hypnosis is a long process and cannot be taught using a fast track.


This class is for all families who are planning a vaginal birth, no matter if they are planning on having an epidural, natural birth, or are still undecided. 

Danielle offers this class as a group and as a private in-home class. Group classes are 2 days, private classes may be 1 or 2 days.


The class is a total of 8 hours.

Dates: TBA 



Group Class Cost: $200

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