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Doula helping mother with labor techniques

Birth Support


A professional doula provides continuous physical and emotional support to a mother and her partner before, during and after birth. Research shows that mothers who have support, other than hospital staff members, have better outcomes with less unnecessary interventions and higher satisfaction with their birth experience. 

Call to check my availability at 815-641-6324.



As a professionally trained Hypnobabies instructor and leader of a non-profit Cesarean and VBAC support group, I've been supporting families with evidence-based information in the Chicagoland area for a few years. Through this journey, I've been honored to be invited to a few of my students births. In 2017, I decided to reach out and start offering doula services to all families who are seeking safer and more empowering birth experiences. 


I provide individualized care based on your unique needs. Mothers and partners should always feel confident and supported in their choices, whether they prefer unmedicated births or more medical guidance. I always help my clients by providing them with evidence-based information, further resources, and knowledge of alternative options for if the journey takes unexpected paths.

It is my vision to see all families, both mothers and partners, happy and eager to share how much they enjoyed their birth, no matter which path it took. 

Doula Services
1 prenatal visit
Unlimited phone, text, and email support
Birth plan assistance
Birth and Parenting Education
Car seat installation help
Resources and referrals
Support at your home and at your place of birth
Physical support for positioning and comfort
Emotional encouragement
Guidance and support for the birth partner
Positive-only birth language for hypno-moms
Basic photography using your camera
1-2 hours breastfeeding and bonding support postpartum
1 postpartum visit
Phone, text, and email support
Basic breastfeeding help
Car seat usage check
Baby carrier and cloth diapering help
Resources and referrals

The above is my standard package and the price is $500-750 depending on if you are also a Hypnobabies student or otherwise taking an approved out-of-hospital class. Most of my families prefer to use Paypal, but I also accept checks or cash. I do not bill insurance, but I can provide you with a receipt of which you can attempt to have them reimburse for the services.

Last Minute Doula

Is birth lasting longer than expected? Have you decided that you need a doula at the last moment? Because I only take 1-2 clients a month, I always have some availability for a last-minute client. Of course, my priority is with the families who have signed a contract, but as long as the mothers under my care are not currently in their birthing time, I would be happy to provide support for your birth. I can also help you find another doula available at a moment's notice if I'm otherwise unavailable. Contact me for pricing information, but you don't have to worry --- my fees for last-minute clients don't exceed my normal rates!

Why are doulas so expensive?


Some families may be surprised at the price of hiring a doula, especially if it's a completely new concept. In the Chicagoland area, you will see prices ranging from $500-$1500, with the majority falling around $700-900 for their basic services. Many parents wonder how they can make that work considering all the other expenses that a baby brings, or they believe that having a doula is a luxury "bonus" item that is optional. 

I want you knot know that I offer payment plans to all clients, and payments can be in as large or small increments as needed. 

As a professional doula, I have based my fees on training, continuing education, experience, commitment to stay with you during your whole birth, back-up support, and 24-hour on-call accessibility. I have a business and a family that is also with me in every careful decision I make. 

Do you remember the first time you drove a car? How about the day you graduated? The day you met that special someone? Your wedding day? These are moments that stick with us. Birth is more than all of that.
In the days and weeks that follow the birth of your baby, your mental and physical health may be linked to how easy or how complicated the birth is. How a women enters into parenthood drives her first choices as a new mother - and there is absolutely no way to do it over again. Sure, there is always "the next time", but what happens in this birth, with this baby, will always remain with you. The details of your birth may fade with time, but how you felt, and the medical implications for later births goes with you.
So is it worth it? At the end of the day, does a mom regret having more people to help her the first time? Or does she regret thinking that it was optional?
The research is clear. Hiring an independent doula, one not affiliated with the doctor or hospital, has considerably better outcomes. 31% decrease use of Pitocin, often used to either induce a birth or make it go more quickly, but also linked to higher cesarean rates when not medically indicated. 28% decrease in the risk of cesarean birth, which carries risks for this birth and all future pregnancies and births. 9% decrease in the use of any medications for pain relief, but did you know that a doula is also effective at helping a mom with an epidural have an easier and faster birth? 34% decrease in the risk of being dissatisfied with the birth experience. Birth trauma is real, I've experienced it myself and have supported dozens of others who have also felt let down by their support team. The excitement and enjoyment of those first days of having a baby should not be clouded by an event where a mom felt out of control and unsupported.
No matter what path your birth takes, it is my hope that each of my families feel loved, respected, and empowered by their experiences, and I will do all in my power to make it happen for you. 
Professional Labor Doula
Birth Partner Preparation Class

Dear Friend,


Birth doesn't have to suck. No really, there's a whole article on Improving Birth that I encourage you to read. Have you been told a lot of birth horror stories? It's like a badge of honor for some parents, but know that you are preparing for your birth differently and it will be beautiful and amazing. 

So if you are new to this idea, start HERE to see how you can make your birth better.

If you are interested in taking a complete childbirth education class - full of evidence-based information, tools to prepare your partner, and techniques to help you stay more comfortable, check out my Hypnobabies class schedule HERE.


If you have any questions about my services or about Hypnobabies childbirth classes, 
call (815) 641-6324 or fill out the contact form.

Thanks! Message sent.

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