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Support, Guidance, and Friendship

Becoming a mother is a new and exciting adventure, share the joy and experiences with others as you find your path into parenthood.

Babies R Us Breastfeeding Clases

Newborn babies have the power to grace our whole world with love. -Elizabeth Pantley

ICAN of South Suburban Chicago


Once a month, ICAN meets for support related to birth. ICAN's mission is to promote C-Section prevention and support. However all those who need support from birth trauma or are seeking VBAC support are encouraged to attend.



Breastfeeding USA - Joliet


4th Monday

Once a month, meet with other breastfeeding mothers to ask questions and get support with your breastfeeding journey.



Events at Oh, Baby Co-op

Other than Hypnobabies, Oh, Baby Co-op members offer many classes and events for families. Check out their facebook page on how to register for the other classes. classes.

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