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Home Study Advantage


Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis is a complete, natural childbirth education program that also teaches self-hypnosis techniques to expectant mothers, and thoroughly prepares their birth partners to assit them during childbirth. During this six-week course, you will learn effective techniques to naturally reduce or eliminate any pregnancy discomforts, and to give birth comfortably while remaining awake and mobile, and in control using eyes-open childbirth hypnosis


Instructor-led Class schedule found HERE.

What is the Hypnobabies Home Study Advantage?


The Hypnobabies Home Study Course is the most comprehensive self-study course for birth hypnosis out there. Many families have had great success with it and eagerly recommend it to their friends and family. The Hypnobabies Home Study is designed for women who want to enjoy their birth using hypnosis, but either cannot attend an instructor-led class or who simply want to study on their own. Of course the in-person class has many benefits, (click here to read more), but for those who are drawn to the self-study, the Home Study Advantage class (HSA) is a way to help parents feel much more confident and prepared for their Hypnobabies births. 


Home Study Advantage students have the option to connect with Danielle, a Hypnobabies Instructor and Hypno-doula, via private calls (20-30 minutes) or email check ins to answer any questions as they proceed through the class. Once the course is complete, ideally around 37 weeks of pregnancy, the family will join Danielle for a 3-hour, in-person class. Doulas, friends, or family members who plan to be present at the birth are also welcome to attend. This class includes a birthing rehearsal to practice the hypnosis tools and make sure that the mother and birth partner(s) are confident with how to use them. The remainder of the class discussion is individualized to the needs of the parents in the class.


The HSA is $150, additional fees apply for private classes in student's homes. A deposit of $75 is required if the family would like to have weekly check-ins, the remainder balance is due by the class date. 

Please consider buying the course new, as often used materials are missing important items. (click here to buy your Home Study Course)

More about the Home Study

Please note that the Home Study is still a 6 week course. While taking the "fast track" can help someone finish the course quickly, hypnosis is a process and it takes time. Reprogramming your mind takes time. The comprehensive information in the course can help mothers know what choices and options they have, but parents are encouraged to begin their course by 32-33 weeks of pregnancy to allow enough time to retrain the brain into believing that birth can be comfortable and enjoyable. Each week builds on the previous weeks' tools, and 35-45 minutes of daily practice is required. 


Instructor-led Class Information


Check out my schedule here. I have group, private, and hosted birth class options available, as well as Hypnobabies Home Study Advantage sessions. 

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